Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Little Things, from The Little People

The last several days can only be described as a pile of stress. Between friend "stuff", work "stuff", family "stuff" and trying to get ready for Halloween, things are abnormally abnormal. That's saying a lot in my existence. On top of that, a historic storm bearing my mother-in-law's name -- so much opportunity for humor if she was a stereotypical mother-in-law... darn it -- just did serious damage to my childhood hometown in Connecticut  plus devastated Seaside Heights, New Jersey where my family spent a few weeks each summer. B***h of a storm attacked my youth.

My stressy time clearly doesn't hold a candle to what others are going through right now, so it feels selfish to feel stressed. But the stress is there, and what is it that they say?.. You can't fix the problem if you don't acknowledge there IS a problem. Or something like that. Likely something pithier or more clever.

Watching my kids tonight, I realized that they hold the key to getting a handle on serenity. It's NOT that they epitomize serenity personified -- no, they are more "this is what 5-Hour Energy would look like as tiny humans" -- but their outlook and actions hold the keys to bringing life back into balance.

Without further ado, here are lessons from them regarding what to do to reestablish bliss... these all came from a single evening:
  • Hug everyone good-bye. Everyone. Every. One.
  • If you don't get your way the first time you ask, keep asking. Several times.
  • Chat up everyone you encounter. Be sure to introduce them to everyone you are with, including sharing everyone's ages, birthdays, address and phone numbers. It's friendly.
  • Walk up to someone you like and sit in their lap, then cuddle up to them. Without asking.
  • Challenge people to impromptu foot races. In the hallway. Naked.
  • If the urge hits you, grab someone's face with both hands and kiss them. And then do it again. Then follow up with an Eskimo kiss, a butterfly kiss and an upside down kiss for good measure.
  • Find your passion and then give it your all, even if your passion is battling fancy tops (beyblades).
  • Close your eyes, extend your arms, and spin and spin and spin. Because it's fun.
  • Tell someone you love the following, verbatim: "I need to tell you something. I need to tell you something. Hey. Hey. Are you... Hey... Are you hearing me? Hey, so um... This is important. Ready?... 'Kay... I really love you. A lot."
Try it. Report back. Now... Go.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Artist

The children in my daughter's pre-K class were given large pieces of paper with blank "heads" printed on them and were asked to draw a picture of one of their parents.  Below is the picture my daughter drew of me.

Key points of note:

  • I do have brown hair in reality, but it is long (way way way too long, cannot wait to chop it off). Not only this, but my daughter is partial to long hair. She drew me with a rockin' pixie 'do that I would love, but I don't have the delicate features to pull it off. My daughter accidentally referring to me as "Daddy" or to my husband as "Mommy" on occasion is taking on a whole new relevance now.
  • Damn, I have one heck of a big smile! I knew I was a happy person, but wow. Apparently I need to consider a new profession of "bringer-of-joy."
  • My real eyes are brown.  I promise you, I am not a Twilight vampire.
  • I assume those are earrings that she drew in my ears.  I do not constantly wear earplugs.  Hm... constantly wear earplugs... interesting idea...
  • Also, in reference to the cheek dots and circular blue nose, I do not walk around my house in full clown make-up.  Hm... walk around in full clown make-up... interesting idea...
  • And finally:  I'm not entirely certain what those yellow appendages are that are sticking out of my neck. Frankenstein bolts? Rays of sunshine and sweetness? A visual representation of the pleasing ginger aroma emanating from my neck when I wear my favorite scent? Creepy elf arms reaching around to strangle me in my sleep?

Truth be told, I love that she drew me, even though this has brought into stark light that she may need glasses.  Or not.  I like how she sees the world.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Even When You're Dead

I was speaking to my first grader about his day at school as we made the short drive to pick up my daughter from pre-K. I asked him the simple question, “What was your favorite part of the day?” to which he answered something about enjoying lunchtime.  A quiet minute passed – no more than that – and then the following conversation ensued.

Bear:  “Mom, when you’re dead, remember these good times that we had. Because these are the good times, and you need to know that I’ll always love you forever and forever. Even when you’re dead.”

Me:  “Um… thank you? I think?”

Bear:  “And you know, I’m always with you, wherever you are. Even when we’re apart, I’m with you.”

Me:  “That’s sweet, honey. And I’m always with you.”

Bear:  “I know, Mommy. Even when you’re dead.”

I’m trying to focus on the good in this.
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