Friday, January 14, 2011

Inaugural Post -- Welcome, All! Welcome, Me!

Welcome, friends, Romans, countrymen, people with time on their hands, etcetera, to my inaugural post to my new blog, which may or may not continue after the first few posts.  For those of you who may not know me, I’m a not-quite-40-year-old advertising professional, with two small children, who has decided to embark on a new career… teaching.  High School.  English.  And yes, I did this voluntarily, not due to a lay-off or anything like that.

Way way way (you get the picture) back in high school, I had this amazing English teacher -- let’s call her Mrs. Amazing -- who literally changed my future.  Until my senior year in high school, I was in love with math, though I had no idea what I would do with math in a professional sense.  College loomed, and I just kind of went with my parents’ suggestion to consider pursuing a business degree.  Why not, right?  Business is sort of business-y and general and promises big bucks and all that.

Anyway, I’d always done well in English, but I thought it was super boring and tedious and rigid.  Then I was assigned to Mrs. Amazing’s English class.  She made English fun (*gasp!*)!  She would let us write the way we spoke and gave us context for books we read and spoke to us like other people, not morons.  It was liberating!  And then – here’s the kicker – I finally got that all those novels I inhaled at home and all the notes I constantly wrote to my friends between (and during) classes had something to do with this whole English class thing!  Amazing! 

Well, I went on to major in English in college, and that led me to my career in advertising and recruiting.  It’s been a great career, but it’s time for me to pursue my dream of teaching, of following in Mrs. Amazing’s footsteps.  I think.  If I can do it without screwing it up.

The first step, of course, is returning to school to get at least credentialed in teaching and hopefully to earn my Master’s in Teaching as well.  So that’s what this blog will focus on, at least for now… What is it like for a long-time workaholic professional with two small kids to return to being a full-time student in today’s university environment?  How will the transition go?  What will be easy and what will be mind-blowingly different to the point of frightening?  Is success a possibility? Is failure an option? Will all this typing count as exercise?  We shall see.  Onward and… onward!


  1. Hi Megan, congrats on your first blog post. I wanted to say hello and tell you my husband and I met while studying advertising in college and we both started out doing it and then switched. He had always wanted to teach and got into the program at GA State for those who have a degree in something but not teaching and you have to quit your job and then come out with a teaching credential and Master’s (this was a long time ago before we had kids). Best wishes! You can email me at michelerenee5 (at) gmail (dot com).

  2. Hi Michele! Thank you, for the note and for being my first reader! I will be emailing you momentarily. Hurray!


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