Sunday, August 21, 2011

Volcanic Panic at Kindergarten

This past week, Bear started Kindergarten. *sigh*  Honestly, I'm not sad or nostalgic or weepy. I don't pine for his toddler years or wish time would stand still. That's not my nature. I'm truly excited for this new phase of my son's life. He loves to learn, and so far, he's thriving already. I'm sighing more from relief that the transition was not only smooth but awesome!

When Bear arrives home each night from the big K, I reach into his backpack and pull out the folder that we parents are required to review. It contains homework (some nights), Bear's daily behavior report and samples of work he's done. Well, after day 2, I opened up the folder and pulled out a sheet of paper with this drawn on it:

I'm not sure what you see in this figure, but I saw a very upset person with spikey brownish blonde hair, arms in the air (curiously without hands), wearing a shaggy blue shirt, no pants and red shoes. Curious as to what this figure was intended to represent, I glanced at the bottom of the page, where this description was written:

At this point, I became perplexed. I still found the lack of hands and pants on the little person vaguely disturbing, but the big frown was what worried me most. I mean, Bear can read. There is not doubt that when he was handed this piece of paper, he knew what he was supposed to draw... and he drew a figure bearing a passing resemblance to himself (my child, however, has hands and wears pants to/at school) sporting a huge frown.

I decided to ask Bear about the drawing. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Me:    Sweetheart, did you draw this picture?
Bear:  Oh, yeah!
Me:    It's really good, honey. Is this person you?
Bear:  Yes.
Me:    I thought so.  Is that your blonde hair and your red sneakers?
Bear:  [looking very pleased] Yes! Exactly!
Me:    Alright then. And, um, so... is this picture supposed to be your first day of Kindergarten?
Bear:  Yes, Mommy, it says so right there at the bottom.
Me:    Right... well, honey, why do you look so upset in this picture? Why are you frowning?
Bear:  [very matter of fact] Because I'm running away from a volcano.
Me:    ... That's a volcano above your head?
Bear:  Of course.
Me:    So on your first day of Kindergarten you had to run away from a volcano?

At this point, my Bear broke into hysterical laughter.

I think I'm going to enjoy Kindergarten.


  1. I totally see the volcano in the background. That is awesome because it is not just him, it is a whole story. Usually the self-drawings look like bugs. Wait till you see his self portrait at the end of the year!
    Best wishes for kindergarten!

  2. Thanks, Michele! Once I knew that story, I was relieved. He also makes up stories about the letters he writes (e.g. "A is chasing the H" or "A falls down as H climbs high"). Kids are awesome.

  3. Too cute! It is always a little heartbreaking when something happens that we can't fix. I can see how this would cause a little concern. I'd want to be there to beat up that darn volcano...


  4. Beating up volcanoes... one of those parental skills no one mentions.

  5. Absolutely adorable. Your son is clearly a genius. Kindergarten is gonna be a piece o' cake.

  6. Well, NATURALLY! It' so obvious. Why didn't we see it with our Adult Eyes? :)


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