Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Let me kick off this post by apologizing for being "absent" for the last few weeks. I’ve been getting my head around some significant changes, and I figured it would be best for me to settle into my new existence before trying to communicate it all to others.
The big news is that I am putting my teaching studies a bit on the backburner and heading back to work full-time.



I know!

It’s kind of a big deal, and the decision was emotionally wrenching. I really do want to teach, and I really do want to make a difference in the lives of soon-to-be adults. I want to help young people learn things like GRAMMAR and SPELLING and SYNTAX and how to COMMUNICATE effectively… in essence, how to use their words. I particularly want to teach how to haiku like a pro (@haikupedia shout-out! Can I get a what-what?). Now, however, is not 100% the time. More like 60%.

Don’t get me wrong! First, I’m not putting this off forever. Just for a while. Second, I’m not being forced back into work like some indentured servant or something. It’s a decision I made with great care and a heck of a lot of thought.

I want to give a gigantic thank-you to my excellent friends who supported me, and continue to support me (I hope?), in my endeavor to go back to school to teach. I won’t let you down, and I honestly am continuing down this road one class at a time. I also want to give huge Internet hugs to the company that is taking me in, because they reinvigorated me in a way that I thought was entirely impossible. Employer of Mine: Are you sending me subliminal cheer-up messages through my crackberry?

And now… I promise to go back to posting completely random thoughts on a regular basis. Hope you can join me!


  1. just know this - i'm gonna bill you for that grad school reference if you don't finish the degree, and i'm not cheap! LOL! you will always have my support no matter what surprises life throws. glad to see there is a bit of sparkle back in your step. xo

  2. I will pay you if I entirely switch gears, I promise. :) May I pay you in Starbucks coffee?


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