Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Multitasking World Record

So I’ve been sitting here wondering to myself… is there a Guinness World Record for Multitasking? Because I just tried to Google it, and based on my entire 30 seconds of searching, I don’t think there is.

Therefore, I would like to nominate myself to win this prestigious honor. Why, you may ask? Well, first of all, if there is no record, then there is no record to beat. Hence, I should be allowed to claim the first record and then people can try to beat my record. Thus I would start a whole new competition and give people all over the world something to strive for. (Yes, that sentence ended in a participle… couldn’t be helped, I’m busy multitasking.)

What exactly do you get when you win a Guinness World Record? A lifetime supply of Guinness? Because that would be pretty perfect.

Here is the list of things I am currently doing relatively simultaneously:

·         Writing this post

·         Researching Guinness World Records for multitasking

·         Nursing a glass of fabulous cabernet sauvignon

·         Folding laundry

·         Participating in multiple Facebook conversations

·         Drinking a glass of water

·         Closely following a tragic news story, via these Internets, that I will not go into because this is a cheerful post

·         Enjoying my nightly M&Ms and milk

·         Tweeting (as a middle aged person, that term makes me giggle every time)

·         Watching Modern Family and Cougar Town

I’m not sure if I’m doing any of these things well. There are probably numerous studies out there suggesting that I would be a much more effective M&M and milk enjoyer or laundry folder or Tweep (heehee) if I were to focus on fewer tasks at one time.  But where’s the fun in that?

What kinds of things do you find yourself doing simultaneously? And will you please vote for me to win this record?

UPDATE: The FABULOUS people at Guinness World Records tweeted (hee hee) me this morning to let me know that if you break a record, you get a certificate. I would love a certificate. I would drink Guinness and stare at it happily and might even take a break from multitasking to focus my energy just on that. Help a girl out!


  1. Cab Sav, water and milk? You've gotta DQ at least one of those!

    Me? Coffee-drinking, report writing, vacation rental researching and talking to cousin about vacation rental... and commiserating about life with two boys!

  2. I agree with sav, water and milk? No way. :)

    What I'm doing at the same time...
    participating in multiple facebook conversations, updating half my clients to include a new writer, having a conversation with one person to the right of me about Beyonce's new video, having a conversation with the person across from me about a video she sent me where a 3 year old is playing with a dead squirrel (oddly cute and horrifying at the same time. go watch it! :P ), drinking some water, looking through twitter, writing notes about stuff I have to do today, listening to some music I downloaded yesterday and watching the paula deen butter popsicle video (omg! hilarious! go watch it immediately!).

    I'm kind of competitive though. I need to find a couple of more things to do so I can beat you. :)

  3. Aha! Challengers! See? I foresee a World Record being established in short order... I can just feel it!

    Thanks for the hot tips on the mildly creepy videos. I will tackle those later today. :)

    Cab: Didn't finish it during dinner, but too good to toss. Super delicious.
    Water: Was dehydrated from running, so had to add it into the mix.
    Milk: Must have milk with M&Ms, and if I'd waited any longer, it would've been too late for dessert. Gotta have your priorities.

  4. Haha i had the same, i ended up here. damn your is already hard to beat. i ll git it a try soon :)

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