Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bear's Invitation To Steve Carell

A few nights ago, we asked Bear whom he would like to invite to his 7th birthday party.  We're succumbing to the Chuck E Cheese phenomenon, but we have to keep the list small (we're cheap like that), so we needed Bear to really be on board with the guest list.

Bear quickly rattled off a set of names, and I wrote down the list. When we got to the final spot, Bear's face broke into a huge smile and he said, "And for the last spot, I will invite Mister Steve Carell!"
Bear's invitation. My "typo." Sorry, Mr. Carell.
Because this statement was so entirely out of any context of any kind, it took me a moment to recognize the name. My thoughts ran through a sequence something akin to Is that a camp counselor? The name sounds so familiar. A teacher from his elementary school? Someone who cut his hair before? A karate instructor? A barista?

When my brain finally recognized Steve Carell, I very carefully asked Bear, "Um... huh?" to which he cheerfully replied, "I love his movies! I'm inviting him. I can't wait until he comes to my party!"

So there you go. Invitation written and published. I've done my part. Now I can focus on the goody bags.

**Quick Note: When I asked Bear exactly which Steve Carell movies he likes so much, he clarified, "The ones he's in, of course."  Of course.

**Follow-Up: Bear has now made (with my help, of course) a brief video invitation for Mr. Carell. Enjoy. 

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