Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dear Breastfeeding Momma in my Yard

Dear Momma who Breastfeeds in front of my House every few Days:

Let me start by assuring you that I am fully supportive of breastfeeding.  I think it's a wonderful thing to do for and with your infant if you so choose.  I did it with my little Bear (Ballerina needed special formula, so I couldn't with her), including feeding him in a few public places when he was tiny.  By no means am I prudish about this form of activity and nourishment.

This all being said, I'm the littlest bit intrigued by your choice of mid-morning breastfeeding location these days.  Every few days, you walk or run past my house... but almost without fail, you stop directly in front of my house to feed your infant.  I'll be in the middle of working on an Excel spreadsheet; I'll glance up for a moment, and there you are, chilling out, feeding your tiny guy and saying hi to the cyclists riding past on their way to the trails.

If (1) there was no place nearby to sit comfortably and (2) infants weren't relatively scheduled little beings, I'd be less confused.  However...

  • Infants tend to get hungry on a pretty consistent schedule. From my experience, you can practically set your clock by their pre-meal agitation. You seem quite willing to feed your little guy when he's ready to eat, and I assume you are aware of what time he gets hungry. Are you simply keen on feeding him in that particular spot?
  • There is a park/greenway literally 0.1 miles from my house, and there is a bench just inside the entrance of said greenway. In fact, I suspect you walk and/or run on this greenway after you feed your little guy. Sitting on the bench seems far more comfortable - to me, of course - than holding an infant in a feeding position while standing on the edge of a road. (Today you even got all fancy, doing leg-lifts while your little guy latched and ate. That is seriously impressive.)

Trust me, this is not a complaint.  I don't mind you feeding your little guy in front of my house.  It just truly keeps catching me off-guard.

In fact, I'm seriously considering putting out an Adirondack chair for you for next time you walk past.  In case that's helpful.


  1. I love this! There is no way I could BF Sam standing and/or doing leg lifts. Between all the pillows and positions, it's a whole production at my house.

  2. PLEASE put the chair out for her, with a note that says "Hope this makes it a bit more comfortable"!

  3. This cracks me up. I'm with Amanda when I was nursing I practically had to build a full pillow fort for my little to perch on. This woman clearly has some skills!

  4. This is great. And preferable to my neighbor who keeps parking his big stupid truck in front of my house.


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