Friday, April 1, 2011

Crying Over a TV Show

This is totally random and brief, but I just spent my lunch hour watching and crying like a sleepy baby over last night’s Grey’s Anatomy.  Bawling. My. Eyes. Out.  (Before I go on… quick note to some word-use-challenged friends: notice my use of the word “bawl” as opposed to its incorrect homonym “ball” which, when used in the sentences above, makes them mean something entirely different. Just trying to be helpful.)

Aside from the potential influence of PMS, I had to wonder why this episode – dramatic as it was – had me so wrung out.  Then it hit me!  Okay, so you guys know the character Callie, around whom last night’s episode was centered?  She totally reminds me of a very good friend of mine, and I think my strange little brain was tormented by the idea of her being on death’s door. (Everyone: “Awww!”)

I’ve adored Callie since the moment she joined Grey’s, and it’s been mildly bugging me why I’m so attached to her character, cheering her on and hoping she never ever ever ever leaves the show. Ever.  But thanks to my noontime sob-fest, I think I’ve figured it out. And said friend may sort out she’s my Callie buddy if she thinks through her similarities to the character.

Crazy, huh?  I mean, really insane and way over-thinky?  Well, either way, at least I know for certain that if a particular friend of mine ever ends up with her life hanging in the balance after a horrible car crash, she’ll have one buddy crying like a freak about it… and possibly singing ballads while wandering around the hospital?

Have you ever had some wacky realization about yourself akin to this?  Please share.  Help me not feel lonely in my lunacy.


  1. Hi Megan! I met you at Lindy's birthday party and found out just today that you have a blog. I love it! I just watched last night's episode of "Grey's Anatomy" and I started crying when Meredith went into the operating room to tell Mark about the accident. And that was just the beginning! I have been in one or two of those life-or-death situations, and that show really brought it all back. I thought it was incredibly well-conceived and well-acted. Anyway, I look forward to following you here. If you have a minute, please visit my blog and if you like what you see consider following me back. I hope to see you again soon! Have a great weekend!

  2. Welcome, Pam, and great to "see" you again. I was disappointed not to be able to spend time chatting at the party -- I've heard wonderful things from Lindy about you -- but it was so LOUD! I'm now following you back... LOVE your blog.

    As for Grey's, I'm so glad you felt the same way. Several people found the music distracting, but to me it heightened the emotion.

  3. I love how late night drama can bring people together. - Lindy


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