Sunday, April 3, 2011

When I Grow Up…

When I grow up, I promise to:
  • Stop kvetching about my group project teammates (aside from Project Coach) who can’t seem to get their heads out of their arses to contribute something to our project that is due in 2 weeks. Something. Anything. Please.
  • Be able to hear the word “moist” without feeling required to text it or email it immediately to my sister, who finds the word revolting. Moist.
  • Quit wearing pigtails. Except when I run. Or when it’s summer. Or when my hair is long.
  • Try to grasp the importance of mani-pedis.
  • Reconsider my sheer adoration of my white hairs. (They are not gray. They are bright white and make my hair look sparkly.)
  • Admit that I want the red wine, I don’t need the red wine.
  • Stop eating cookies for dinner. At least as far as you know.
  • Stop laughing when my 3-year-old says, in frustration, “Fucking ridiculous!”
  • Finally break down and watch Rocky. (Don’t judge me.)
  • Finally break down and have my Grease, Hair & Hairspray festival (you know what I’m talking about, M.E.).
  • Quit procrastinating doing my schoolwork by writing blog posts.

Okay, so maybe I won’t really do that last one.  What do you promise to do when you grow up?


  1. Ha!! You will never stop torturing me with the M word any more than you'll ever stop eating cookies for dinner. MMM. Cookies.

  2. I will get a "real" job. I will stop partying like it's 1999. I will delete my Facebook account. And I will listen to nothing but classical music. Yep. That's what I'm gonna do when I grow up. Many, many years from now.

  3. I will stop going barefoot year-round; start watching what I eat; and tell every friend I have that I love them every chance I get. Okay, so one will NEVER happen, two again will NEVER happen, and three is uncontrollable. I will love you, dear friend, when I grow up as much or more than I do now. See.

  4. I'm never growing up. Peter Pan all the way to the grave! AND I think chocolate chip cookies for dinner is a good plan. But only after the kids go to bed! ;)

  5. Oh, Pam, NEVER get a "real" job! Heavens.

    Absolutely right back at you, Lindarella.

    Sylvia, AMEN to everything! Good point about waiting until the kids are a'bed.

  6. I'm glad I"m not the only one who laughs when their kids cuss appropriately.

    I will promise to make my bed, except when I forget or when it's a weekday.


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