Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank You, MARTA!

I’ve been at a bit of a loss the last few days for blog material, between abject exhaustion and relatively continuous immersion in schoolwork. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, there’s been an overabundance of horrible, tragic, overwhelming, devastating [insert other expressions of distress here] news coming in from around the world, and I just don’t feel like commenting about that here. Here is for fun (generally).

So there I was this morning, beginning my long slog to school and feeling glum about having nothing to ramble about to ya’ll, when MARTA came through for me. Twice, even!

After shuffling along the platform, I chose a sparsely populated MARTA car and sat down. After getting settled, I looked up and saw this:

MARTA passenger.

In my exhausted state, it took me a few minutes to realize that this MARTA denizen was no longer - shall we say - animated. Somehow, this lovely specimen had gotten its little footsie (scientific term) stuck, so there it remained even after its untimely demise, adding ornamental flair to the otherwise bland d├ęcor. Not only had no one knocked this thing off the wall between when it initially became entrapped and when I sat down, but no one removed it or even paid it much mind during the entire half hour I was on the train… AND no one seemed to bat an eye that I was taking its close-up.

After my class, I took the train home and started up the parking garage stairs. When I hit the third landing, I encountered this (minus the key chain):

Frankencookies, with keychain next to them for perspective.

Megan, you may say, what is so profound and fascinating about a few broken cookies?  Try this on for size: That broken cookie has been on this landing in this stairwell at least since I started school. At the beginning of January. Today is April 7. If you’re math-challenged, that’s three months (and counting). And I don’t think the pieces have budged from their original resting places. Even better, I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture – I have an old-school phone, not a fancy new smartphone that takes National Geographic quality photos – but the cookies are not noticeably decomposing. At. All. Is there such a thing as a Twinkie cookie?

Anyone want to come with me to the MARTA station to try a nibble of those cookie pieces to see if they’re truly in edible condition?  I’ll bring my good camera for that.


  1. Will the cookie outlast mcdonalds?

  2. Oh, lordy! Is there anyway you could find out what kind of cookies those were? Don't wanna feed my kid that if I can help it! I think I might just have to go back to baking cookies...from scratch. (Thinking of the Little Red Hen story now...)

  3. Heather - Excellent contest idea!

    Carmen - I will check when I head back to MARTA on Tuesday. I hesitate to get too close to the cookies for fear they may give off some sort of radiation or chemical, but in the interest of helping you protect your child, I'll do it. ;)

  4. matt adams purchased a grapple before (cross between a grape and an apple) and it was as pristine three months later as the day he purchased it.


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