Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Haiku Death Match Challenge: The Battle

As promised, below are the submissions for the Haiku Death Match Challenge! If I don't win, I will send The Winner something. Something cheap, most likely. But Jeff or Shawna will receive... something.

 Once again, the topics for the three haikus were:

·         Perfluorohexane
·         Chiggers
·         Infected Blisters

Please leave your vote for the winner in the Comments section below. I will tally the votes on Friday night and will announce the winner here and on the About The Same Facebook page (so be sure to visit it and Like it!).

And with that brief introduction, enjoy:

It is a flourocarbon.
What the hell is that?

Chiggers are like ticks.
They're cousins and they both suck.
Literally, suck.

Here's something that's gross:
Infected blisters. Oh yeah.
They fester and smell.

Chem was never my forte

Chiggers and ‘squeeters
How do I spell relief? Umm
Deep Woods O.F.F.

Infected blisters
Impede my running almost
As much as vacay

You can breathe submerged in it.
Could save burn victims.

Ravenous chiggers
Burrow and consume your flesh.
Ouch! Such itchy welts.

Blisters on smooth skin.
Friction pain, then infection.
Pop! Ooze. Ahh. Relief.


  1. Jeff writes how I think.
    Shawna I'm with you on Chem!
    But "Mine" gets my vote.

    Good luck to all!:)

  2. Of course I'm voting for myself Megan, if we can even do that. But yours are awesome. I'll need to be less tipsy and spend more time on these for the next deathmatch so I can be more competitive.

  3. Voting for Megan....

  4. Amanda NeighboursJune 15, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    Jeffy for the win! Megan you lost me with the popping of the blister. Gag!!!

  5. Megan!!
    Love Angie P

  6. stanish for the win
    blister one won it for me
    the chiggers one too


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