Friday, June 10, 2011

Help Me! Haiku Death Match Challenge

I am addicted to haikus. Absolutely addicted. I’m starting to think in the form of haiku. I sense 5-7-5 rhythm in just about everything I hear. When I hear a turn of phrase that doesn’t conform to this pattern, my brain starts working on how what was said could be rephrased to fit haiku form.
It is a sickness.
I even deliberately follow two exceptional haiku-focused Tweeps: @haikupedia and @suburbanhaiku. If you enjoy haikus, I strongly recommend you check them out.
Anyway, rather than try to cure myself, I’d like to see just how extreme this can become. Will you help me?
By Sunday night (June 12), I’m looking for the wackiest theme you can think of for me to try to work into a haiku. I’ll choose the toughest, oddest three and will work up haikus – if I can – that I will post on Monday morning. (I know this isn’t exactly an America’s Got Talent dream experience, but help a girl out!)
Give me your worst!


  1. Dirty diapers, oozing blisters, first mothers day card, handprints on the wall, puke in the hair... There once was a man from Nantucket???

  2. Very nice!!! I like these. :)

  3. Via Facebook, my friend Joanna offered up the following: Pot bellied pigs. The body's natural processes. Chiggers.

  4. How about a haiku about perfluorohexane? It's a liquid you can breathe!

  5. The toughest challenge
    has numerous syllables:

  6. Oooooh... many gauntlets thrown down...


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